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Mailing Lists

Mailing lists for Qizx/open are the same as for Qizx:

  • qizx-announce Open in a new window is a read-only list that you can subscribe to if you are interested in being notified of new releases and other important news related to Qizx.
  • qizx-support Open in a new window is a public, moderated, discussion list for end-user support, bug reports and feature requests. See policy of the qizx-support public mailing list. You should subscribe to this list if you are interested in any issue regarding the use of Qizx.

Note that all traffic on qizx-announce is also directed to qizx-support, so there is no need to subscribe to both lists.

Questions or comments regarding XMLmind mailing lists should be directed to e-mail address of mailmanowner .

XMLmind mailing lists are managed by Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Management System, using the Python scripting language.